• Mihit Kottekattinmel

    3 BHK Apartment, project completed in 2015
    I was pretty impressed with the Bonito videos that I saw on youtube and contacted them to furnish my apartment in Bangalore. Since I do not live in Bangalore, the entire project was managed online. Very impressed with the professionalism and the project management by the Bonito team. They updated me on a weekly basis on the progress and they completed the project two weeks in advance of my requirements. Only had to make one trip in the three month period to finalize a few designs. Bonito has a stellar execution team comprising of project managers, carpenters, electricians, plumbers who flawlessly execute to the agreed designs. Vathsala is forthright in her comments and has an eye on the end product. If you do not live in Bangalore and would like to furnish your apartment, I would highly recommend leveraging Bonito designs for their integrated services that include design as well as execution.