Good Friday : A day of Redemption!

It so happened, that one fine hot afternoon just a few days back, we went to cool ourselves to a nearby food plaza. As we waited for the lunch to arrive at the table, suddenly the topic of conversation drifted to the fact that Good Friday is around the corner. My colleague, who is a strong believer of Jesus, went about describing as to why we observe Good Friday. After some initial inhibition, I finally somehow became interested in the conversation and to be honest enough, I soon found myself digging deep into the topic. The vivid description given by my colleague about Lord’s sacrifice on this day compelled me to spread some light about his life through this BLOG. So here it goes…

Good Friday is a day of mourning, it is a day which marks betrayal and sufferings. This is the very day when Jesus was convicted and eventually crucified around 2000 years […]

Ways To Make Your Home Smell Nice

 Smell is one of the strongest sense organs and as such if you make your home smell nice, that will create an awesome effect on anybody who comes in contact with your home. Home is the ultimate place for any individual and as such, it is very necessary to make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible. You can provide an uplift to the entire ambiance of the house by creating a nice smell all round in the house. A good smell in a house act as a catalyst for creating positive vibes. Here are a few ways by which you can definitely enhance the smell of a house.
1.Candles: One of the favorite ways to enhance the smell of the house is by using fragrance candles. These candles gives a soft fragrance which lasts. Different fragrances suits to different moods and at different places. Citrus works well in […]

Home Decor Trends Of 2017

A very well designed and well decorated home is neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. A home is complete when made not only from outside but also from inside. Trends for home decor emerge every year. Revival of conventional trends may be the mark of 2017. The trend will focus on simplicity rather than intricate and heavy designs and decor.
1.Eco – Friendly: Today’s world is becoming more and more conscious of the environment.  Plants, flower pots and indoor vines along with large windows will rule the theme of the year. A major stress will be on recycled products.


2.Choice of a Color Code: Green is closely associated with environment as such green can be considered to be brand color of 2017. Green gives a lot of freshness to your room. You should be bold enough to experiment with a dash of Green.


3.Designs on the wall: Walls look amazing when given […]