Let’s make wooden floors…! Why wooden, because of the wonderful properties of wood as a building material.
Using wood for interiors bring you closer to nature and creates a warm, comfortable environment. These days when the temperatures are dropping drastically in continents far and near, wood becomes an ideal choice as a mode of construction.

Some of the advantages of choosing wood as a flooring material are:
• Enhances the look along with providing warmth.
• It’s affordable, Easy to clean and maintain.
• Durability surpasses that of a carpet and lino.
• Not expensive…check by getting a quote now with any of the dealers!
• It complies with the ecological system and green building concept.
• Adheres to healthy and hygienic environment.
Before seeing how wooden flooring is done, lets brush up its history.
Then & Now…
To create some more interest on the topic, let’s first have a glimpse of the history of wooden flooring. Like everything, flooring […]