Various types of doors available in India today

Doors have more functions today than just being a protective gate to a house. With interior designers coming up with various creative inputs, today, doors come in different designs, materials and layouts. In fact, many prefer to have unique and designer doors for their homes and even different types of doors for different rooms.

Well-designed doors enhance the beauty of a house. In addition to lending security to a home, doors also add to the appeal of a house. Doors, today, are made from different materials and as per the make, are used in different rooms and purposes. A door has two parts, a shutter and a frame. Today, doors made from wood, iron, plastic, aluminium, PVC and more are available.
Following are the different types of doors available in India:
Wooden doors: These are the traditional doors, but today available with different carvings, designs and more. These wooden door design are […]

Various types of hinges and where to use them?

Let’s hinge them together!

What do we mean when we use this phrase? We may say, human body comprises of hinges in the form of body Joints!

Hinge is an external joint which holds two elements or facades together, permitting limited rotational movement. In Interior Design when joined by a typical hinge, the objects rotate relative to each other on an axis which is fixed.

However practically through most of its application, hinges allow movement only on one plane about the central axis.

Hinges can be formed of various materials, be it flexible or comprising of moving components. They are available in different finishes as well to suit the purpose and color options but antiqued copper, chrome, brass and black are the common ones.

The types of hinges are as per the use and where they need to be fitted to. Let’s have a look at the various types of the hinges mostly used […]

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    Particle board/MDF/Plywood – Which one is the best to pick for you?

Particle board/MDF/Plywood – Which one is the best to pick for you?

Any thoughts on revamping or redecorating a house means either to replace or remake furniture. Other accessories such as upholstery, curtains, decorative items, wall papers etc. only get a secondary consideration. Furniture today, come in all shapes and innovative designs.

Earlier, hard wood was the only option to make furniture but today technology has brought before us so many options in furniture that are not confined to wood. Forests are getting lesser worldwide and since ecology conservation has become a matter of concern, alternatives to hard wood are necessary at least in some areas. Plywood, MDF or Medium Density Fibre Board and Particle board are used in making furniture today.
Though the basic component of each of these products is wood, it is interesting to note how differently wood is used for making them.
Particle board – Best out of waste
Particle board is an apt example of how to make a great […]