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8 Ways to Give Your House a Vintage Look

Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them.Often it gives a great feeling to have a vintage look.  A pair of furniture can be a great instrument for creating that magic. Let’s look at some of the innovative ways to give our house a vintage look.
1.A traditional Desk and a modern chair make a great combination.

            Image Source : http:www.homedit.com
2.A Vintage Hair Dresser: A vintage hair dresser is a great way to add a vintage flavor to the general ambiance. You can use it as a console to display your desired piece of art.

Image Source : http:homedesignvip.com

3.A Vintage Home Bar: A vintage bar gives a great addition to the overall Vintage outlook of a dwelling place.

Image Source : http:www.hgtv.com

4.A Vintage Painting: A pre-modern painting in a vintage frame that blends with the […]

Smart ways to repurpose kids toys in a shrewd way

Every home is often filled with unused and waste toys. Do you know that pretty beneficial items can be made with such unused toys?  There are scores of ways by which toys can be up-cycled or re-purposed. It is something amazing and stunning when something creative is made from something waste.

One who gets bored with old toys can make some useful stuff by running through the below mentioned ideas.
1. Using Lego blocks as storage medium
Lego blocks are many in number and some are huge in size too, to get rid of them getting under the feet as usual, these Lego boxes can be used as storage boxes. Rather than throwing them away the Lego blocks are colorful storage solution.
The best example can be that these Lego blocks can be used as phone stands.
2. Shelf bookend
Your shelf looks new and unique when such a shelf or bookend is made. This […]

How to approach an Interior designer

Hey all,

I welcome you to my next blog. To brief about this; this blog may not be as fancy as my other blogs, but you will find useful information just like my other blog (Hiring an interior designer – Is it a right choice?) :D

Few pointers to pen down before approaching an interior designer:

House cannot be complete without good interiors. We were all in that stage where we dreamt of living in a beautiful palace in our childhood. Getting the quality interiors for your home that makes you WOW comes only with a two- way approach i.e., the designer and most importantly ‘YOU’.

Unfortunately, every one of us cannot afford a costly interior designer. In that case, you can go online and search for some nice DIY ideas where you can just come out with some beautiful ideas which can be implement for your dull corners. But, if you are […]