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11 unique styles of decorating a Galley Kitchen

Have you ever felt so happy to cook? Make your kitchen a wonderful place by bringing in wonderful interiors and exclusive galley kitchen ideas. Pick your favourite tips that would fit like a glove for your kitchen to make it an extremely wonderful place to work, cook and read.
Overlaid wall units
Galley kitchens look amazing when it has glazed wall units, as it will create a realistic feel of having a corridor.
Creating corridor
If you are a nature lover, you can create a corridor at the end of your kitchen to rest yourself and have a sip of hot tea or coffee with lovely breeze and chirps of birds.
Extension at the end
Now, you can read and work while you cook. Wondering how?
Aye, it is possible if you allocate a space at the end of your galley kitchen.
Minimalist kitchen designs
Galley kitchen at small space?
Take a look at the minimalist galley kitchen designs […]

15 engaging vintage decor ideas for your home

This christmas, vent all your feelings towards decorating by introducing vintage and antique decors to your homes. Thinking how to implement? You can decorate your house with wonderful vintage items without spending much. Go through this piece of article to get hold of number of ideas to compliment your house.
Vintage suitcase shelves
Are you worrying about the old suitcases that consume a lot of space? You need not, from now on.
Old suitcases can be used as shelves, by hanging it on the wall. This way you can save space and also impart a classy vintage look to the walls.
Pallet love
Many of them must be aware of the vintage look revealed by the usage of pallets.
Bring in pallets in your bedroom or living room so that, you can frame your memorable photos, place your close to heart greeting cards and can also be used as a support for the creepers to […]

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10 ways to use brass and copper in your home

During the times of our forefathers, metals like brass and copper were commonly used in making different household items. They were strong and used to last more than one lifetime. But with the advancement of technology, we have started avoiding metals and have brought in synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl that are cheap and easy to mold.

Yet there are still certain ways in which rich metals like brass and copper can be included within the decor of our post-modern homes without compromising a bit on the urbanite and elegant style of our interiors.
Candle Stand
An antique candle stand can rarely go out of style. So keep a couple of copper candle stands on your dining table or mantelpiece and add a touch of antiquity to your uber cool apartment.

Bed Frame
Reminiscent of the 19th century, copper bedframes can magically transform the mood of your bedroom.
It is romantic and nostalgic at […]

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