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10 ways to use brass and copper in your home

During the times of our forefathers, metals like brass and copper were commonly used in making different household items. They were strong and used to last more than one lifetime. But with the advancement of technology, we have started avoiding metals and have brought in synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl that are cheap and easy to mold.

Yet there are still certain ways in which rich metals like brass and copper can be included within the decor of our post-modern homes without compromising a bit on the urbanite and elegant style of our interiors.
Candle Stand
An antique candle stand can rarely go out of style. So keep a couple of copper candle stands on your dining table or mantelpiece and add a touch of antiquity to your uber cool apartment.

Bed Frame
Reminiscent of the 19th century, copper bedframes can magically transform the mood of your bedroom.
It is romantic and nostalgic at […]

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16 easy smart storage solutions for small spaces

Good furniture needs a bigger space? What if you have a small rented home, but need a good furniture to make it look beautiful? Is it possible? As per the saying, “Nothing is impossible”. It is how you see things. It is not a big deal to accommodate furniture, home decor and other extra decorative things at huge apartments or a villa.
It turns out to be all the more interesting and challenging when a small space has to be filled with beautiful furniture avoiding the clutter. Here, are the easy furniture placement ideas for one who always ponder with a feeling of how to make smaller spaces look better.
1. Corner usage
Make use of the corners of your room to stack up colourful stools.
By adopting this method one can save a lot of space and also make the corners look cuter.
2. Cubical shelving
No matter if you are going to place […]

Smart ways to repurpose kids toys in a shrewd way

Every home is often filled with unused and waste toys. Do you know that pretty beneficial items can be made with such unused toys?  There are scores of ways by which toys can be up-cycled or re-purposed. It is something amazing and stunning when something creative is made from something waste.

One who gets bored with old toys can make some useful stuff by running through the below mentioned ideas.
1. Using Lego blocks as storage medium
Lego blocks are many in number and some are huge in size too, to get rid of them getting under the feet as usual, these Lego boxes can be used as storage boxes. Rather than throwing them away the Lego blocks are colorful storage solution.
The best example can be that these Lego blocks can be used as phone stands.
2. Shelf bookend
Your shelf looks new and unique when such a shelf or bookend is made. This […]