Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha’s House  

This BLOG is about one of our most elegantly designed project that we have handled so far. I will take you around the home of Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha at Concorde Amber. Let’s just have a look at it along with our beautiful anchor Soumya.

 Foyer: The Foyer is done beautifully. A tall shoe cabinet dons the area in the left hand side of the foyer. A CNC section attached to the shoe cabinet acts as a divider between the foyer area and the living area. The entrance wall has a wooden paneling with a cute statue of Buddha adoring it. The spotlights are marvelously placed atop the statue to give the whole place a different look.

Living Room: The TV Unit is the focal point of attraction of the living room. A wooden paneling overlooks the TV Unit. The TV Unit is marked by a white paneling and clove […]

Dining room design ideas – 8 Things to consider

Dining room decorating ideas
Dining room is where people come together. It’s a place where you will start your morning with a breakfast meal, a place where you meet with your family for a peaceful dinner after a hectic day. This is the place where you would host your dinner party on a holiday, weekend family meal. This is the place that encourages you to flaunt your signature style. You can try from traditional to modern, stylish ideas to make your dinning room designs a elegant space.

In my last article dining room decorating tips , I just discussed about the space and the lighting aspects, but in this blog you can read few more interesting decor ideas on dining room decor.
Make some patterns
You can try out some pattern work on the windows. This would brighten up the space.

For example, you can install floral roman shades in dining room to make your wooden […]

The Basics of Decorating the Dining Room Interiors

A person begins and ends his day in the dining area. So what should the dining zone look like? What paints should be there?

How to choose the right colors for dining room? Find simple answers to all these complicated questions of dining room interior design ideas in our 96th blog post.

No home can do without a dining room or a distinct dining space where the family gets together and shares the meals together. And more than sharing food, the dining area becomes the space where one unwinds, shares his day’s adventure and discusses future plans.
Be it a traditional house or an old styled kothi or a modern day flat or apartment – the dining area is as important for a home as it was before.

Hence interior decorators spare special efforts to decorate this area. Dining area decor, furniture and even decorative items are chosen with care. The market too […]