5 effective ways to upgrade your bathroom effortlessly

How to upgrade your bathroom effortlessly
Bathroom is a place in the house that is literally the most misused. It has to tolerate abusive treatments by a constant flow of water, low air circulation, and worst, if mold and fungus starts to attack the walls and floors.

Getting an expensive makeover for your bathroom decoration is not always a viable solution. But, when a good handling does not work, bathrooms crave to be overhauled. Just a tweak here and there is not the best solution, as the problems may reoccur.
Address the tricky areas, and create the most effective solutions that will last long. We suggest 5 different bathroom makeover ideas, which do not need much of an effort. These work towards making a lasting impression, a better look and feel, and everything achieved at the price range you would have probably spent on maintenance’s.
1. Change the decorations:
From changing the bathroom fittings […]

30 fun ways to make kids’ bathroom awesome – Part II

In our previous post, we have given you 15 fun ways to make kid’s bedroom stylish out of 30. In this blog, we are giving your 15 more kid’s bathroom decor ideas as we have divided them into half, just to avoid your mind to indulge into confusion.. :P and make the process easy.. :D

So let’s get started to look out the remaining 15 kid’s bathroom design ideas. Oh yea, don’t get confused with the numbers. It was just a continuation of my last post.
16. Miniature can be the word:
Get miniature plants or miniature garden components like a mini swing, mini slide to complete the look.

17. Fruits for a healthy bathroom:
Rubber fruits or fruit drawings can give a ‘healthy’ (attractive) look to the bathroom design and the kids will love this bathroom decor idea as they love this tossing the rubber orange or apple around.
18. Bring a party of superheroes in your kids bathroom decor:
Figures of […]

30 fun ways to make kids’ bathroom awesome – Part I

30 fun ways to make kids’ bathroom awesome
Kid’s bathroom decorating ideas
It is often a difficult thing for parents to coax their tiny tots into bathroom for a bath. No matter what temptation you might give, the kids won’t budge. Now there is an easy way out that would send your kids run happily to the bathroom. It is simple.
Just decorate your kids’ bathroom creatively and make it a happy and cheerful place for them. Here are 30 different ways by which a kids’ bathroom can be designed so as to make the bathroom a favorite place of the kids:
1 A pinkish feel:
The different shades of pink look not only alluring but also gives a smooth look to the whole atmosphere. If it is a girls’ bathroom, pink would be an apt color.
The color can be used creatively on the walls, or shelves. By painting the walls and shelves using […]