14 fabulous DIY ideas from your old carton boxes

Almost all your homes are sure to be filled with carton boxes. Carton boxes or cardboard boxes are somethings which eats up your living space and makes your home look ugly. Instead of throwing away those fresh carton boxes, creative and smart ideas can be formulated with those boxes and can be made into beneficial ones.

Here are some exceptional DIY ways by which carton boxes can be turned into useful stuff.
14. Creative toys
With ample carton boxes, you can make creative toys of various sizes and decorate your kid’s room. The various parts of carton boxes can be cut, and rolled to make it look exclusive. There are abundant examples and designs to make from.
An owl can be a classic example to make carton box in a useful manner.
13. Halloween bat
For ones celebrating Halloween can make it memorable with creative ideas made from home, rather than usual purchase of dresses […]

13 quick ways of using old items for decoration

How to re-use old and broken items?
Why throw out everything that is old and broken? There are many ways to include them in our everyday life once again. All it needs is a little effort from us. So let’s explore a few ways in which old things can be revamped to make then look pretty and new once again.
1. Vintage ladle as candle stand
Just hang your ladle from an advantageous position and keep a pretty votive candle on the bowl space.
Easy, right?

2. Bent spoons as key holders
Bend old spoons artificially and hang them with the help of nails.
How does these key holders look?
3. Broken globes into lampshades
Use one half of a broken globe, make a hole at the center and attach it to a wall plug hanging light chords.

4. CD holders to store bagels or donuts
Just take an old CD holder, wash it thoroughly and keep bagels there.

As simple […]

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17 Amazing uses of Mason jars

Amazing uses of Manson jars
While you feel what to do with the old mason jars that occupy a lot of space, just hold that thought and try taking look at their amazing uses. I am sure you will get swayed and inspired by the incredible and attractive utilities it has in store for your homes. Carefully read the mason jar ideas, so that you can use them and make your beautiful homes to look more beautiful. Won’t you?
1. Mason Jar as Coffee filter
A mason jar can be used to filter coffee?
Yes, you can blend your mason jar as a coffee filter by inserting a cloth and filter cup into the jar.
Awesome right?

2. Party Glasses with mason jars
If you have a mismatching mason jar, don’t worry. Here, is a solution to make it look colourful and functional.
All you have to do is, add cupcake liners and cover it with top […]