7 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Small Plants placed in a household or a flat gives it an altogether refreshing look. It gives a new ambiance and a grace to the whole superstructure.
1.Use of a Cart or Bench : An extra space in the house can be made up by adding tons of plants and making it lively and sensual.
                                                                                                                                       Image Credit : Pinterest

       2.White pots : If plants are being kept in a white pot, they give out a radiant look to the entire ambiance. If pots […]

8 Ways to Give Your House a Vintage Look

Vintage interior design is about embracing the things of the past and enjoying them just as they are by repairing or refinishing them.Often it gives a great feeling to have a vintage look.  A pair of furniture can be a great instrument for creating that magic. Let’s look at some of the innovative ways to give our house a vintage look.
1.A traditional Desk and a modern chair make a great combination.

            Image Source : http:www.homedit.com
2.A Vintage Hair Dresser: A vintage hair dresser is a great way to add a vintage flavor to the general ambiance. You can use it as a console to display your desired piece of art.

Image Source : http:homedesignvip.com

3.A Vintage Home Bar: A vintage bar gives a great addition to the overall Vintage outlook of a dwelling place.

Image Source : http:www.hgtv.com

4.A Vintage Painting: A pre-modern painting in a vintage frame that blends with the […]

14 fabulous DIY ideas from your old carton boxes

Almost all your homes are sure to be filled with carton boxes. Carton boxes or cardboard boxes are somethings which eats up your living space and makes your home look ugly. Instead of throwing away those fresh carton boxes, creative and smart ideas can be formulated with those boxes and can be made into beneficial ones.

Here are some exceptional DIY ways by which carton boxes can be turned into useful stuff.
14. Creative toys
With ample carton boxes, you can make creative toys of various sizes and decorate your kid’s room. The various parts of carton boxes can be cut, and rolled to make it look exclusive. There are abundant examples and designs to make from.
An owl can be a classic example to make carton box in a useful manner.
13. Halloween bat
For ones celebrating Halloween can make it memorable with creative ideas made from home, rather than usual purchase of dresses […]