10 Ways to love draperies

Draperies are often considered to be the icing to the ‘interior’ cake. But in reality, there is much more to their role. They are multifunctional and humble, doing their job without even making their presence felt. But think of a house without any curtain! Seriously, just think about it. Naked? Creepy? Weird? Wrong? Yes, exactly. So let’s find out a few ways in which good old draperies can make your home a better and happier place.
1. Create the illusion of doors in your wide open balcony
Do you have a balcony that is wide and have a lot of sunlight coming in? Divide it with the help of heavy draperies.
It can easily create an illusion of doors and help you contain excessive sunlight in an organized manner.
2. Soften the hard lights coming from your windows
Sometimes, a colourful curtain or drapery can help you soften direct sunrays so that the room […]

15 interesting tile designs for your home

Tiles are indispensable part of the home. When people build their new house, they want every nook and corner of their house to look amazing. In that case, everyone becomes particular about choosing the tile designs for each room. May it be floor tiles or wall tiles, they become very choosy.

As far as tile design is concerned, they look into the following factors:

material and look.

In order to educate on variety of patterned tile designs, just take a look at the different tile patterns listed below, before opting for the tiles that add the classy touch to your home.
Sweater tile design
Sweater tile design can be used mainly in kids room, play area or for a cozy living room.
It imparts the warm feeling during winters and also doesn’t harm kids who often fall down while playing.
Mediterranean accent
Mediterranean is known for its scenic beauty and no doubt is the tile pattern that […]

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    11 striking modern sofa cum bed designs for your trendy interior design

11 striking modern sofa cum bed designs for your trendy interior design

Most of them are aware of sofa beds that are available in the showroom. But there are a lot of other weird and preponderance of designs that will create that jaw dropping feeling, when seen for the first time. They don’t just look crazy but feel so comfortable too.

Do you want to give it a try? Then, take a look at a few of them.
1. The carpet sofa
This crazy sofa cum bed is designed in such a way that, the support is made with wood and inox at the top of the rug like sofa. This acts like a semi-bed where one can lie on it.

2. The smart sofa bed
Save your bedroom space by keeping the sofa itself. Wondering how?

The new sofa cum bed has the bunker bed facility.

You will have to unfold it at night to make it a bed. So, it doesn’t occupy a lot of space […]