7 Jun, 2016

An insight into the Interiors of Dsr Eden Greens, 3 BHK apartment @Mr.Mithun Goyal

A house turned into home graced with elegance and modesty. That is the definition of Mr. Mithun Goyal’s 3 BHK DSR EDEN GREENS apartment in sarjapur road. Foyer, the first and best impression Tinted brown coloured stone cladding in the foyer gives a hint about the rich and cozy interiors inside. Shoe storage with a […]

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16 Mar, 2016

A-stones: How to Shape Your Desires in the Rock

Lesson 1: Treat people well if you want to do business Interior design is full of many kinds of rules, we always need to find the right balance between dreams and the possibilities that reality allows us to do. The technique is more important than the artistic sensitivity even if the final result needs to […]

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4 Jan, 2016

10 Ways to Love Draperies

Draperies are often considered to be the icing to the ‘interior’ cake. But in reality, there is much more to their role. They are multifunctional and humble, doing their job without even making their presence felt. But think of a house without any curtain! Seriously, just think about it. Naked? Creepy? Weird? Wrong? Yes, exactly. […]

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28 Dec, 2015

9 places in kitchen to shelf your microwave

Microwave oven has become a very indispensable part of kitchen and cooking. In order to help you, here are a few tips that you can try to manage the space in your kitchen. Scroll down to know more about having a clutter-free kitchen by tackling the increased population of kitchen appliances. 1. How about having […]

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25 Dec, 2015

11 unique styles of decorating a Galley Kitchen

Have you ever felt so happy to cook? Make your kitchen a wonderful place by bringing in wonderful interiors and exclusive galley kitchen ideas. Pick your favourite tips that would fit like a glove for your kitchen to make it an extremely wonderful place to work, cook and read. Overlaid wall units Source Galley kitchens […]

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23 Dec, 2015

15 engaging vintage decor ideas for your home

This christmas, vent all your feelings towards decorating by introducing vintage and antique decors to your homes. Thinking how to implement? You can decorate your house with wonderful vintage items without spending much. Go through this piece of article to get hold of number of ideas to compliment your house. Vintage suitcase shelves Are you […]

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21 Dec, 2015

10 ways to use brass and copper in your home

During the times of our forefathers, metals like brass and copper were commonly used in making different household items. They were strong and used to last more than one lifetime. But with the advancement of technology, we have started avoiding metals and have brought in synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl that are cheap and […]

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2 Dec, 2015

An Amiable Visit to Mr. Pankaj Shukla’s 3BHK Apartment interiors @ Sterling homes, brookfield

The 3BHK apartment of Mr. Pankaj Shukla is situated in Brookfield. It was an empty flat with walls and structures. The client wanted professional interior designers, Bonito Designs to create an interior space that is minimal and sophisticated. They also wanted a maximum utility for their space so that no corner of the apartment is maltreated. […]

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28 Nov, 2015

15 interesting tile designs for your home

Tiles are indispensable part of the home. When people build their new house, they want every nook and corner of their house to look amazing. In that case, everyone becomes particular about choosing the tile designs for each room. May it be floor tiles or wall tiles, they become very choosy. As far as tile […]

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26 Nov, 2015

11 striking modern sofa cum bed designs for your trendy interior design

Most of them are aware of sofa beds that are available in the showroom. But there are a lot of other weird and preponderance of designs that will create that jaw dropping feeling, when seen for the first time. They don’t just look crazy but feel so comfortable too. Do you want to give it […]

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