Mr. Ananthesh’s Sweet Abode

 Home is the ultimate place that a person can relax in after a day of hard work. We understand the need to have a dream house and we constantly try to give our best through our dedication and hard work. We make dream come true by our passion for designing and making things beautiful.
Today, let’s have a look at the 3bhk apartment of Mr. Ananthesh which is situated at SNN Serenity in Begur Road. It is one of our prestigious and elegantly done projects.
 As we enter the house, we are welcomed by a beautiful Foyer and a very gracefully designed false ceiling. The foyer is very functional with a pull out seat, so that one can even have a seat on it apart from dumping their shoes.
The living room has a rafter which runs end to end and it has beautiful paintings which are illuminated by cove lights on […]

7 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants

Small Plants placed in a household or a flat gives it an altogether refreshing look. It gives a new ambiance and a grace to the whole superstructure.
1.Use of a Cart or Bench : An extra space in the house can be made up by adding tons of plants and making it lively and sensual.
                                                                                                                                       Image Credit : Pinterest

       2.White pots : If plants are being kept in a white pot, they give out a radiant look to the entire ambiance. If pots […]

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Interview of Mr. Nagesh

In today’s interview series we have with us a very sweet couple Mr. Nagesh Phaniraj and Mrs. Anusha Vasantha. Mr. Nagesh is currently working with Intuit development center as a lead software engineer, while Mrs. Anusha Vasantha is working with Amadeus India. We sincerely thank the couple for giving time to our social media manager, Ms. Soumya who has deftly used her skills with right questions to read the mind of the couple about Bonito. Our project designer Kusuma also answers some questions in this section.


Soumya            : How did you get to know about Bonito Designs?

Mr. Nagesh     : The videos have helped a lot to gain knowledge about Bonito. We had gone to the Bonito Office and had a talk with the CRM and that was really great. It eventually gave a lot more insight into Bonito. Basically we did a lot of homework […]

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