10 Ways to love draperies

Draperies are often considered to be the icing to the ‘interior’ cake. But in reality, there is much more to their role. They are multifunctional and humble, doing their job without even making their presence felt. But think of a house without any curtain! Seriously, just think about it. Naked? Creepy? Weird? Wrong? Yes, exactly. So let’s find out a few ways in which good old draperies can make your home a better and happier place.
1. Create the illusion of doors in your wide open balcony
Do you have a balcony that is wide and have a lot of sunlight coming in? Divide it with the help of heavy draperies.
It can easily create an illusion of doors and help you contain excessive sunlight in an organized manner.
2. Soften the hard lights coming from your windows
Sometimes, a colourful curtain or drapery can help you soften direct sunrays so that the room […]

9 places in kitchen to shelf your microwave

Microwave oven has become a very indispensable part of kitchen and cooking. In order to help you, here are a few tips that you can try to manage the space in your kitchen. Scroll down to know more about having a clutter-free kitchen by tackling the increased population of kitchen appliances.
1. How about having your microwave below the counter?
Placing the microwave beneath the counter also helps you in accessing it with all the comfort. It is not advisable to have the microwave below the counter, if the kitchen is too small.
Make sure that the microwave is tucked in a considerable height, so that the opening and closing of other cabinets don’t get disturbed.
2. Microwave in the Island cabinet
Are you having an Island cabinet in the kitchen? Then placing your microwave there, is the wisest option. It will not disturb your cooking area i.e. one can cook and the other […]

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11 unique styles of decorating a Galley Kitchen

Have you ever felt so happy to cook? Make your kitchen a wonderful place by bringing in wonderful interiors and exclusive galley kitchen ideas. Pick your favourite tips that would fit like a glove for your kitchen to make it an extremely wonderful place to work, cook and read.
Overlaid wall units
Galley kitchens look amazing when it has glazed wall units, as it will create a realistic feel of having a corridor.
Creating corridor
If you are a nature lover, you can create a corridor at the end of your kitchen to rest yourself and have a sip of hot tea or coffee with lovely breeze and chirps of birds.
Extension at the end
Now, you can read and work while you cook. Wondering how?
Aye, it is possible if you allocate a space at the end of your galley kitchen.
Minimalist kitchen designs
Galley kitchen at small space?
Take a look at the minimalist galley kitchen designs […]

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