10 Ways to love draperies

Draperies are often considered to be the icing to the ‘interior’ cake. But in reality, there is much more to their role. They are multifunctional and humble, doing their job without even making their presence felt. But think of a house without any curtain! Seriously, just think about it. Naked? Creepy? Weird? Wrong? Yes, exactly. So let’s find out a few ways in which good old draperies can make your home a better and happier place.
1. Create the illusion of doors in your wide open balcony
Do you have a balcony that is wide and have a lot of sunlight coming in? Divide it with the help of heavy draperies.
It can easily create an illusion of doors and help you contain excessive sunlight in an organized manner.
2. Soften the hard lights coming from your windows
Sometimes, a colourful curtain or drapery can help you soften direct sunrays so that the room […]

10 ways to use brass and copper in your home

During the times of our forefathers, metals like brass and copper were commonly used in making different household items. They were strong and used to last more than one lifetime. But with the advancement of technology, we have started avoiding metals and have brought in synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl that are cheap and easy to mold.

Yet there are still certain ways in which rich metals like brass and copper can be included within the decor of our post-modern homes without compromising a bit on the urbanite and elegant style of our interiors.
Candle Stand
An antique candle stand can rarely go out of style. So keep a couple of copper candle stands on your dining table or mantelpiece and add a touch of antiquity to your uber cool apartment.

Bed Frame
Reminiscent of the 19th century, copper bedframes can magically transform the mood of your bedroom.
It is romantic and nostalgic at […]

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How to use animal prints in your home

Animal print decor ideas
Animal prints can either make or break the style factor of your house. Whereas a little touch of animal aura mixed with other elements looks classy and out of the box, overdoing it can kill the buzz entirely. So try to keep the animal vibe within limits when using such prints as a part of your home décor. It can make your home look amazing.
1. Cushion cover
A couple of cushion covers that has zebra print on it can spruce up your living room effortlessly.


2. Floor rug
Animal print carpets and floor rugs also look really sophisticated when placed against a relatively neutral background.

3. Accent Chairs
Accent furniture is a very popular home décor idea these days.
So why not get an animal print chair that will act as an accent to your overall home décor?
4. Sofa set
If you are up for more experimentation, try out an entire sofa set […]

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