Position 1 : Interior Designer- Exp : 1year- 4 +years

Designer is one of the pivotal role in Bonito Designs. This job role in Bonito is a big responsibility and a fun work at that. You will have to be an integral part of the Bonito family and imbibe the core culture of the company that everyone so adores. You’d be expected not only be a partaker of the culture, but an active evangelist of the same. Only then, should you be able to achieve bigger milestones that awaits you and the firm.

You would be expected to be really good at people skills and at your best humbleness. You would be expected to drive the entire design team and pump in energy to the team in order to drive and achieve sales with our principles underlying and determining every other deal. You have to see through that the entire team is having absolute fun while they go about their daily work and motivate and help them all to achieve their targets; or help them crack their incentives.

You shall also be an elevated point of contact for customers and deals which may seem beyond scope for the designers in your team. You will also be in charge of taking general report of the entire crm, design, design engineer team. You will be a key role player in order to drive every team to their optimal performance to crack through the achievement targets set forth by the management. The teams reporting to you being the revenue makers of the company, happens to be the most important and the most credited departments among others of the company.

The teams reporting to you are also the first customer interface between the company and the customer. This being the case, it is of utmost importance that at no point of time customer experience and satisfaction is jeopardized, and to make sure all the operations happen with utmost transparency to the customer.

Job Description:


  1. Client Meetings during the closure of the project and  discussion about prices with the client.

  2. Concept Boards and drawing discussion with designers.

  3. On-Site measurements and drawing cross verification as and when required.

  4. Project Management with Client and Contractors, Subs, etc

  5. CAD drawings and construction documents to be checked.

  6. Pricing judgement and deal closing in case the team has trouble as and when required

  7. Expediting the pipeline with regards to ensuring there are no process bottlenecks and having a deeper understanding of how outcome of each department affects the other department and its efficiencies.

  8. Lubricating inter-department conflicts – there are always issues bound to arise within and among the departments being handled by you. You shall therefore oversee the dissolution of such problems in the most diplomatic ways.

  9. Project-management skills

  10. Deep understanding of what company resources are capable of achieving and detecting anomalies and deviations in designs done by the team with regards to drawing, computer-aided design (CAD) and model-making works.

  1. Providing and teaching ways to find solutions to practical problems which plague the company time to time.

  2. Being constantly aware of the financial loopholes and leaks happening in terms of mistermed pricing, inefficient work operandi and fixing them and bringing management to notice about any process changes required to counter such instances in the future.

  3. Imparting and upholding ethics in the customer front teams in order to sustain and grow strong work philosophies among team members and setting up structures to bring to your notice any malpractices or unethical activities.

  4. Should cross check the team if every design and working drawing  detail done by the team before releasing to the factory

  5. Should have a knack of doing research about the new hard wares, technology related to the modular and interior industry. / VRM / Skunk works

  6. Should take care of all of the consequences faced by any missed-out details in the drawings.

  7. Should take a ride to random work-in-Progress sites once in every 2 weeks and get updated with the happenings./ C R M job

  8. Should cross verify every designers MoM (Minute of Meeting) reports.

  9. Should be a hand-raiser to conduct fun and interesting team activities.

  10. Give a pillion ride for your team member for team lunches.

  11. Should play active role for meeting the team’s monthly targets as well as individual team member’s target

  12. Should be an active listener.

  13. Strong communication and pleasing skills.

  14. Be updated with the current progress of the projects.

  15. Should be able to speak Hindi, Kannada, [Telugu,Tamil- optional] and English (off course ;) )

  16. Should be proficient with Excel and MS office tools. Track the customer’s call and follow them.

  17. Should update to the higher authorities daily

  18. Should track the first time customer call as well as the work in progress customer calls.

  19. Should adopt to our fast paced working environment, understand the needs of our client and

  20. update them with reliable information.

  21. Should not give FALSE PROMISES without consulting the manager



Position 2: Front Office Executive

Receptionist Responsibilities:

Serving visitors by greeting, welcoming, directing and announcing them appropriately

Answering, screening and forwarding any incoming phone calls while providing basic information

when needed

Receive and sort daily mail/deliveries/couriers

Maintain security by following procedures and controlling access (monitor logbook, issue visitor


Update appointment calendars and schedule meetings/appointments

Perform other clerical receptionist duties such as filing, photocopying, collating, faxing etc.

Develop and maintain a filing system

Update and maintain office policies and procedures

Order office supplies and research new deals and suppliers

Maintain contact lists

Book travel arrangements

Collection of payment /Cheques.


Proven working experience in a front office handling receptionist responsibilities

Professional appearance

Solid communication skills both written and verbal

Ability to be resourceful and proactive in dealing with issues that may arise

Ability to organize, multitask, prioritize and work under pressure

Working knowledge of office equipment, like printers and fax machines

Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work


Position 3:  CRM Executive  

If you are a go getter, if sales is your passion, if you love interacting, then this is the place for you. We are offering the position for CRM to most deserving candidates. Come, be part of us. Transform your dreams into reality with us.

We are seeking candidates with following attributes:

Job Description:

  • Meeting and liaising with clients to discuss and identify their requirements
  • Systematic approach to maintaining long lists of databases and ensuring regular followups
  • Client/partners could be individual home owners, builders, commercial establishment or other consultants
  • Working with various internal team to meet and deliver the clients requirement
  • Be the single point of contact for the client till project conversion and report progress to seniors periodically
  • Take up new initiatives, ideate and execute on new/existing lead generation methods
  • presenting workable solutions to clients which leads to conversions
  • Raising estimates/quotations for clients based on customization
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of service delivery and campaigns (if any)
  • Arranging and attending meetings with clients within office or outside of office
  • Taking clients on site visits to showcase the companies work
  • Liase closely with design and projects team
  • Making ‘pitches’, along with other support staff from the company, to try to win new business for the company in either existing streams or new stream
  • Identifying revenue opportunities
  • Participating in marketing initiatives if required
Experience and Skills:
  • Passion for sales
  • Prior experience in sales is a must with proven results. Preferable real estate sales, institutional sales or ad sales
  • Experience in any client servicing role
  • Make effective sales pitch/presentation, in terms of idea and use of tools like excel and powerpoint
  • Quick on the feet attitude
  • Good communication skills, written and oral
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • High level focus on achieving targets and ability to work under pressure

Graduation/PG: Any


Please check our portfolio for the designs and works that we have done. When you are applying for a position make sure you can do better than what we currently are doing. When you hop on board, we treat you as energy ball that needs channeling; whether you’re experienced or a fresher.

We look forward for the following.

  • Deep understanding of design principles
  • Understanding of colors in home decor
  • Knowledge of current design trends
  • Practical exposure of interior projects
  • Speedy learning with software (we’d expect a fast hand at Sketchup)
  • Great presentation skills ( You will be the story teller of your own design)
  • Preferred degrees (BE in Civil/Arch, B Sc Interiors, Dip in Interior, Interior Course, Die-hard enthusiast? )

Project Manager

You and the designer are going to be great friends. You are going to be the executioner and see to the end of designs done by your Designer partner. You will be responsible for turning all the designs into reality.

We look forward for following.

  • Great leadership skills to manage and drive the team to execute projects on time
  • Great communication to keep client updated with project progress and guide for a better end decor
  • Understanding of design concepts for onsite design call and problem solving.
  • Preferred Degrees (BE in Civil/Arch, Dip in Interiors, BSc Interior)


If you can churn out drawings without using a mouse; then you are hired.

Apply For Vacancy

Please give as much details as possible
  • Please share the link for any of the online portfolio on sites like redbubble, deviant art or even a public facebook album where you are displaying work done by you.
  • Please upload your updated resume.