Our Company

We’re a small but cute firm. Each of our team member take up a very special and unique role when it comes to designing and executing projects. We can say to an extent that each of the team members form unique pieces of puzzle which makes sense only when they’re together and there is no big piece or small piece in a puzzle.


We are the ones who bring in colors to your home. Trust us when we tell you that every single one of us can add a completely new look to your home and we keep scores among ourselves for the designs we do :) Its a ‘like’ war on Facebook for the designs done by each of us.

Execution Team


Hey designers; it won’t be a design if it weren’t us standing there and making sure that every screw goes where its supposed to. We are the ones who understand your crazy drawings and share the dream that you show to customer; and we are the ones who have to educate our mere mortal installation team against their age old techniques.

Marketing Evangelist Team

We aren’t marketing; we are evangelizing. Its the pictures and videos that we simply can’t resist to put across to our peers and friends; to get as many eyes on them as possible. You could credit us for making sure that the efforts of of all our other teams get to see the light of the day either by videos; pictures or articles on our blog. We are probably the reason why you are here too :P.

Production Team

We might be stationary at factory; but mind this execution team! without us having to go through every single piece of furniture for quality check; you couldn’t even imagine the kind of catastrophe that would have showered down on you by both beloved customers and the designers. We take the heat here so you don’t have to take it there on the site :).

The Site Team


Wow.. we have forgotten what Sunday is. Some people say there is something called protein powder and Red Bull which gives us energy; please give it to us so that we have strength to keep living up to these designs; few more designs like these and we would open an interior design institute.


Mr. Puttaraju: He is not only a self taught entrepreneur; but also carries the fame of rag to riches. With an immense business experience that he has acquired because of his chain restaurants (Cubbonpet Biryani Bazaar) and having them run successfully under fierce competition from neighbor restaurants; he knows well what it takes to make a business tick and a bucket load about customer service and brand value. We hope to learn from him and multiply our speed of growth.