Who We Are

We are friends. Best ones at that. There is no work life balance for us; as we hardly see the separation. Problems give us adrenaline rush and get us fighting and solutions get us celebrating; and in this perpetual cycle money, fame and growth are simply byproduct and are often seconded in comparison to our primary motive; to give a happy home to you.

It’s easier said than done. We work in an industry that is still crawling its way to aggregation model and is still being organised; attempts for which seem to have an alarmingly high rate of failure, given current market conditions and economic span.

That’s where our team’s never give up attitude materializes projects in such vibrancy which is hard to approach by anyone else; because we’ve grown this way. We have grown keeping our roots in the happiness of our customers and the experiences that delight them.

When you get down to decide the reasons to work with us; you may not find a better one  compared to when you shake hands with us and look into our eyes.

Methodology in our Madness


Getting to Know You

You, your family and your new home is an exciting story we’d like to hear about. We simply get to know you first; and we help you in whichever way in order to ease you into this journey


Design Phase

With an in-depth understanding of what you seek, your preferences and personality; we set out to ideate and create a design for your home that you may fall in love with; and we iterate till you do :)


Production Phase

The designs that you’re in love with are now sent to be materialised. Production, manufacturing and custom orders are a few of the events that happen here.


Execution Phase

This is where you start seeing a lot of activities in your house when our team and our partners are busy delivering and installing your dream home furniture.



Fully furnished home is handed over

Our Team


We are the ones who bring in colors to your home. Trust us when we tell you that every single one of us can add a completely new look to your home and we keep scores among ourselves for the designs we do :) It's a 'Likes' war on Facebook for the designs done by each of us.

Project Managers

Hey designers; it won’t be a design if it weren’t us standing there and making sure that every screw goes where it's supposed to. We are the ones who understand your crazy drawings and share the dream that you show to customer; and we are the ones who have to educate our mere mortal installation teams against their age old techniques.

Execution Team

Wow.. we have forgotten what Sunday is. Some say there is something called protein powder and energy drink which gives us energy. Please give it to us so that we have the strength to keep living up to these designs; few more designs like these and we would open an interior design institute.

Are You Inspired by Creative and Innovative Design?

Please check our portfolio for the designs and works that we have done. When you are applying for a position make sure you can do better than what we currently are doing. When you hop on board, we treat you as an energy ball, that needs channeling; whether you’re experienced or a fresher.

Design only

Designer (Bangalore/Hyderabad)

Designer is one of the pivotal role in Bonito Designs. This job role in Bonito is a big responsibility and a fun work at that. You will have to be an integral part of the Bonito family and imbibe the core culture of the company that everyone so adores. You’d be expected not only be a partaker of the culture, but an active evangelist of the same. Only then, should you be able to achieve bigger milestones that awaits you and the firm.

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We look forward for the following.
  • Deep understanding of design principles
  • Deep Understanding of colors in home decor
  • Knowledge of current design trends
  • Practical exposure of interior projects
  • Speedy learning with software (we’d expect a fast hand at SketchUp)
  • Preferred degrees (BE in Civil/Arch, B Sc Interiors, Dip in Interior, Interior Course, Die-hard enthusiast? )
Design only

Project Manager

Project management is all about bringing design to life and it is no joke. We are looking for someone who is a ninja in planning, coordinating and communicating with everybody involved in the project to make sure that it is progressing smoothly.

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We look forward for the following.
  • Thorough knowledge of Civil works, Measurements, BOQ’s
  • Worked as a Supervisor or Engineer in Modular works or Civil field for atleast 6 months
  • Outstanding communication skills
  • Able to co-ordination and communication with Customers, Designers, Design engineers, Carpenters, Electricians, False ceiling persons, Factory department and various other vendors
  • Project planning and keeping track of all the tasks as per planning
  • Keeping customeres, designers and execution manager up to date regarding project status
  • Allocating Carpenters, False ceiling persons and Electricians to the project. Taking proper reports from them and submitting the final reports of the particular projects to their higher authority
  • Taking proper 2d, 3d, False ceiling, Electrical drawings from the designers, taking all the sketchup, tools and other drawings from design engineers through a meeting for a proper takeover to start the projects
  • Educating execution team with Dos and Donts and making sure they stick to it
  • Checking the quality of work at the project
  • Checking regularly on the activities of the project and always communicating with the designers, design engineers and the factory for all the necessary inputs and the snags