Smell is one of the strongest sense organs and as such if you make your home smell nice, that will create an awesome effect on anybody who comes in contact with your home. Home is the ultimate place for any individual and as such, it is very necessary to make your home as comfortable and cozy as possible. You can provide an uplift to the entire ambiance of the house by creating a nice smell all round in the house. A good smell in a house act as a catalyst for creating positive vibes. Here are a few ways by which you can definitely enhance the smell of a house.

1.Candles: One of the favorite ways to enhance the smell of the house is by using fragrance candles. These candles gives a soft fragrance which lasts. Different fragrances suits to different moods and at different places. Citrus works well in a kitchen, Lavender works well in bathroom or bedroom, while more opulent fragrances add cosines and warmth to a living room.

scented candles


2.Reed Diffuser: These are useful for long lasting fragrance and they work brilliantly in hallways.

             Reed Diffuser


3.Flowers: Flowers of various shapes and sizes and colors are available. These can be used effectively for having a lasting lingering smell that can attract the attention of anyone who visits the house.



4.Cleaning Products: We often use cleaning products for our homes. They can be used to enhance the smell of our homes. Choose the ones to enhance the smell in the house.

             cleaning solutions


5.Open the Windows: You should open your windows once in a while so that fresh air will flood into your room and it will certainly help in replacing the bad odor if any. Open windows are a gateway to healthy living and creative thought.



6.Replace the bedding at fixed intervals: Bedding and rags and old bags and suitcases create a lot of foul smell when kept in a closed place or corner for a long time. If they are replaced or changed we get a new fresh look altogether.

luggages and suitcases


7.Room Freshener: A room freshener is an effective way of creating a beautiful ambiance in form of smell. These come in various flavors and brands and you can choose an effective brand from any of the available ones. These are an effective way to ward off foul smell and have a beautiful feeling at home.

room freshener



8.Be Careful of your footwear:  Foot wears are something which spreads bad smells very easily.  Try to have the shoe rack at a distant corner in the house. Clean the shoes regularly and wash the socks so the foul smells are avoided.



9.Clean your dustbins: Dustbins are one such items that need to cleaned and cleared on regular basis. Don’t let waste to accumulate as it spreads foul smell and odor.




10.Fabric Freshener: You can use fabric fresheners, which can really well to give new life to worn clothes and fabrics.

fabric freshener


11.Home Made Potpourri: This is a very innovative and easy way to enhance the smell in your room. All you need to do is boil a pot of water in your home and add items to it that smells great, like cinnamon sticks, orange peel, cloves, oil etc. You can spread the smell to the entire room.       




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