Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha’s House  

This BLOG is about one of our most elegantly designed project that we have handled so far. I will take you around the home of Mr. Nagesh and Ms. Anusha at Concorde Amber. Let’s just have a look at it along with our beautiful anchor Soumya.

 Foyer: The Foyer is done beautifully. A tall shoe cabinet dons the area in the left hand side of the foyer. A CNC section attached to the shoe cabinet acts as a divider between the foyer area and the living area. The entrance wall has a wooden paneling with a cute statue of Buddha adoring it. The spotlights are marvelously placed atop the statue to give the whole place a different look.

Living Room: The TV Unit is the focal point of attraction of the living room. A wooden paneling overlooks the TV Unit. The TV Unit is marked by a white paneling and clove lights hanging from top. A  Buddha statue is put on the ledge overlooking the TV Unit. A well done but simple false ceiling stares the living room and the foyer.



Dining Area:  Beautiful spot lights and clove lights welcome you to the dining area. An elegant designer light is hung from the center of the dining hall and thus gives a glow to the entire ambience. The curtains used match exactly according to the color theme of the laminates.



Kitchen: There is a wooden partition between the kitchen and the dining area. It holds three see through meshes that contains artifacts which are illuminated by spot lights. A wooden crockery unit is attached to the wooden partition, which gives it a distinctive look. A white frosty glossy laminate in combination with a brown laminate is used in the kitchen. There are lofts and cabinets on either side of the chimney.

Master Bedroom: The passage leading to master bedroom is marked by beautiful spotlights which gives a very soothing feeling. The master bedroom has a huge bed with side tables. One of the side tables has a dresser with a long mirror. There is a beautiful painting right above the headboard. Right opposite to the bed we have the sliding wardrobes. Lofts run end to end for more provision on storage. Plywood platters run from the side table to the ceiling and thereby gives a very unique rhythm.



Study Room: A combination of white colored frosty laminate and an olive colored laminate is being used in this room which gives a very distinctive meaning to whole décor. End to end lofts are being used for more storage. There is a designer ledge where you can hold your books and also use as a library. A simple study table adds to the beauty of the whole thing. The false ceiling is adorned with clove lights and spot lights. Over all the study room is just so simple and astounding.

We would like to thank the owners Mr. Nagesh and Mrs. Anusha who have expressed their deep satisfaction for our work. We also thank our designer Kusuma, who has put in her best talents to achieve this phenomenal success. Please do feel free to connect to us at the below mentioned contact details in case you want to give your dwelling place a new look.


 Phone: +91-9019598877




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