A very well designed and well decorated home is neighbor’s envy and owner’s pride. A home is complete when made not only from outside but also from inside. Trends for home decor emerge every year. Revival of conventional trends may be the mark of 2017. The trend will focus on simplicity rather than intricate and heavy designs and decor.

1.Eco – Friendly: Today’s world is becoming more and more conscious of the environment.  Plants, flower pots and indoor vines along with large windows will rule the theme of the year. A major stress will be on recycled products.



2.Choice of a Color Code: Green is closely associated with environment as such green can be considered to be brand color of 2017. Green gives a lot of freshness to your room. You should be bold enough to experiment with a dash of Green.



3.Designs on the wall: Walls look amazing when given a cover up with a beautifully designed wall paper. Some traditional items like cork and terracotta can make a comeback and granite may take a back seat.

wall decor

4.Jewel Tones: 2017 may be a year for rustic accents and jewel tones. These not only add elegance but also natural and conventional look, making it highly recommended for home decor.

jewel tone

5. Boho and Bohemian accents: 2017 will see more usage of Boho and Bohemian accents. Patterns and designs that are backed by mismatched colors gives an amazing effect. Not only on the walls of the room but also bed sheets, cushions and even furniture can create that sensational feeling among the dwellers in the house.

bohemian ascents



           The year 2017 will see a convergence of three factors, namely class, comfort and Eco-consciousness. Green will be the color of the year, which will blend with metal and jewel tones and recycled products as well.  It may a year of perfect mismatch.

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